Southampton city taekwondo club: member of official Chungdokwan great Britain blue wave school


Southampton City Taekwondo Club.

Chung Do Kwan Great Brtain.

Korean Blue Wave Martial Art.

British Taekwondo.

Olympic Sport..

Official members of Chungdokwan Great Britain.


The Avenue.

Opposite Northlands Road.

Near the Cowherds Pub, on the Common.

The church hall is situated at the pedestrian crossing, at the junction of The Avenue and Northlands Road. 

Training Times

Both days: Same times.

6.30 PM - 7.30 PM 

Mixed class: beginners, seniors, children, and adults.

7.30 PM - 9.00 Pm

Senior class: All students welcome to join in for extra training. The later part of the class is reserved for advanced students only.


St Andrews Church. SO17 1XQ

Look for the "Taekwondo banner" above the door to the training hall.

Training Days

Monday and Thursday.

We train all year round except over the Christmas period (usually 3 weeks rest).


Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe

Master Brian Hussey

Master Trevour Keith

Tel: 07791776021

Southampton City Taekwondo Club: Supported by;

Chungdokwan Great Britain

British Taekwondo: Governing body

Kukkiwon: World Headquarters

Olympic Sport

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